Conti Solar Selected to Provide EPC Services for NJR Clean Energy Ventures

Conti Solar Selected to Provide EPC Services for NJR Clean Energy Ventures

March 26 2019

Conti Solar, a national solar engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), O&M and energy storage development company, announced today that it was selected by NJR Clean Energy Ventures (NJRCEV) to provide EPC services for two commercial solar projects located in Milford and Washington Township, New Jersey totaling approximately 20 megawatts (MW). NJRCEV, a subsidiary of New Jersey Resources, invests in, owns and operates residential and commercial solar projects and currently maintains a portfolio of over 250MWs throughout New Jersey. Conti and NJRCEV have previously worked together on the construction of three solar projects in the state with a combined installed capacity of 25 MWs.

“Conti Solar has an extensive track record of building high quality solar facilities and has proven to be a strong partner for NJRCEV.” said Robert Pohlman, Director of Business Development, NJR Clean Energy Ventures.

“As one of the largest solar investors in New Jersey, NJR Clean Energy Ventures is committed to the continued growth of their clean energy business in order to deliver low carbon, clean energy solutions to its customers. We are proud to partner with NJR Clean Energy Ventures on these projects and contribute to the growth of solar energy here in New Jersey,” said Chris Ichter, Business Development Director, Conti Solar.

Conti Solar to Attend 2019 Solar Power Florida Conference

Conti Solar to Attend 2019 Solar Power Florida Conference

March 05 2019

Conti Solar, a national EPC, O&M and energy storage company, will attend the Solar Power Florida event being held at the Bahia Mar Fort Lauderdale Beach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on March 12th and 13th. This solar industry event is presented by SEIA, the Solar Energy Industries Association and will explore how recent policy changes will impact the solar market in Florida and how opportunities for solar are expanding in the Caribbean and in South America.

Solar Power Florida brings together the solar and storage markets to discuss critical progress across solar market segments in Florida. The event features in-depth discussions about relevant topics including utility-scale solar opportunities; new technology; permitting, building codes and distributed generation; energy storage; electric vehicles; community solar; microgrids and more.

“As a leading national EPC, Conti Solar has helped major utilities across the US construct large-scale solar projects. We’re pleased to participate in this timely SEIA event and learn more about Florida’s plans to increase its solar power generation capacity,” commented Todd Jensen, Southeastern US Business Development Manager of Conti Solar.

To schedule a meeting with Todd Jensen at Solar Power Florida, please connect with him on LinkedIn at or email

Conti Solar Presents on Solar Power World Podcast

Conti Solar Presents on Solar Power World Podcast

March 04 2019

Conti Solar, a national solar engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), O&M and energy storage company, recently announced its Chief Commercial Officer, Eric Millard presented on Solar Power World’s monthly podcast series that features commentary from top solar industry executives.

Kelly Pickerel, Editor in Chief of Solar Power World interviewed Millard for the Contractors Podcast Series. During the interview, Millard provided listeners with a detailed overview of the company including its history and capabilities. The interview covers insightful discussion on construction of large-scale solar, technology, energy storage, and what 2019 holds for Conti Solar.

The company began offering EPC services for mid-sized solar projects approximately 12 years ago. Since that beginning, Conti has undergone tremendous growth. In 2018, private equity firm Ares EIF took a majority ownership of Conti Solar. The financial backing elevated Conti’s bankability and enabled the solar EPC company to continue what it had been doing, but “just doing it bigger and better,” Millard said.

Conti Solar is currently staffed with over 100 employees. Millard said the company hopes to add 30 more full-time positions by the end of the year. Learn more about job opportunities at Conti Solar by visiting

Listen to the Solar Power World Podcast and read the accompanying article here:

Conti Solar Wins Award for Outstanding Safety Record

Conti Solar Wins Award for Outstanding Safety Record

January 22 2019

Conti Solar, a national solar engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), O&M and energy storage development company, has earned the Division of Public Safety Certificate – Citation of Merit from the State of New Jersey, Department of Labor and Workforce Development, for its accomplishments in the prevention of workplace injury and illness.  

Conti Solar has gone four years without a recordable injury to an employee, an achievement only possible for companies with strong leadership, rigorous standards, and a long history of construction management expertise.

“We’re extremely proud of our impeccable safety record,” said Matthew Skidmore, CEO of Conti Solar. “The health and well-being of our employees is a top priority of Conti Solar, and it’s an honor to be recognized for our efforts.”

Safety is a critical item for all solar construction projects for multiple reasons, including protecting the welfare of employees, providing a safe work environment, and controlling project costs. A dedicated commitment to safety by both the EPC and their contractors helps ensure project success and can impact the bottom line considerably. Contractor safety also saves money in the long run, because a better-than-average safety record qualifies a company for lower insurance rates and also avoids the expense of lost time, work and other potential costs resulting from work injuries.

A construction firm’s safety record is typically measured by the amount of employee injuries and lost time due to injuries, and is monitored by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) as a Total Recordable Incident Rate. (TRIR). The industry average TRIR is 2.8 for Power and Communication line and related structures construction*. Conti Solar’s TRIR is 0.00. 

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Conti Solar, National EPC Services Firm, Closes 2018 With 650 MW of Solar Projects Completed or Underway

Conti Solar, National EPC Services Firm, Closes 2018 With 650 MW of Solar Projects Completed or Underway

December 18 2018

Conti Solar, a national solar engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), O&M and energy storage company, announced today it has 650 MW of solar projects in over 10 states underway or completed. Closing out a banner year, the growing company has an impressive list of milestone solar projects across market segments (utility-scale, community solar, landfill solar, carport solar, distributed generation, commercial and industrial) working with some of the most recognized utilities and Fortune 500 companies across the United States.

Conti Solar completed the largest landfill solar project in Ohio (4 MW DC), the largest solar project in Rhode Island (21.3 MW DC) and has been selected to build the largest community solar project portfolio in New York (55 MW DC). The company has also completed 15 solar projects (44.5 MW DC) for Eversource Energy, the number one ranked utility in the nation for energy efficiency.

The company was awarded the 2018 Solar Project of the Year for the Cuyahoga (Ohio) landfill solar project and continues to fine tune their team’s expertise and expand the organization.

“At Conti Solar, we emphasize customer relations throughout the company. We nurture a culture of communication and attention-to-detail across our organization. We’re proud of our accomplishments and will continue to focus on first-class execution and outstanding customer service as we grow,” commented Matthew Skidmore, CEO of Conti Solar.

Conti Solar Donates $40k Worth of Goods to Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore in California

Conti Solar Donates $40k Worth of Goods to Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore in California

December 03 2018

Conti Solar, a national solar engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), O&M and energy storage development company, announced that Conti Solar has donated approximately $40,000 worth of plywood to Habitat for Humanity (HFH) Restore, Fresno Branch. The donated plywood had formerly been utilized on Conti Solar’s rooftop solar project.

Habitat for Humanity ReStores are home improvement stores and donation centers that sell new and gently used furniture, appliances, home accessories, building materials and more to the public at a fraction of the retail price. The Habitat ReStores use proceeds to help bring strength, stability, self-reliance and shelter to local communities and around the world.

The Conti Solar Fresno branch also participated in Habitat for Humanity’s ‘Acts of Kindness’ project. This project works with local people to support neighborhood revitalization and restitution. The crew worked on painting the trim and different rooms of the community center, including the Veterans room - one day after Veteran’s Day. The Hinton Community Center is a gathering place for locals in Fresno named after Cecil C. Hinton.

“Fortunately, on the day I was there, one of the long-time volunteers who’s family lives in sub-standard conditions was awarded a house from the proceeds of Habitat ReStore’s Fresno Branch,” said Ryan Kemp, an Assistant Project Manager at Conti Solar.

Pictured above are, Mike Sanchez (Tradesman International), Stuart Goggins (Conti Solar), Tifany Oqueli (Conti Solar), Ryan Kemp (Conti Solar) and Torin Blount (ReStore Director – HFH Fresno).

Conti Solar Provides Turnkey EPC Services for 2018 Solar Project of the Year Winner,  Cuyahoga County Landfill Solar Plant

Conti Solar Provides Turnkey EPC Services for 2018 Solar Project of the Year Winner,  Cuyahoga County Landfill Solar Plant

November 06 2018

Conti Solar, a national solar engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), O&M and energy storage company, announced today that it provided full EPC services for the 4.0 MW (DC) landfill solar project located in Cuyahoga County, Ohio recently named 2018 Gold Project of the Year by Solar Builder Magazine. The project is also the largest landfill solar project in Ohio. In addition to landfill, Conti Solar’s industry expertise spans across the market segments of large-scale solar projects.

Conti Solar worked with IGS Solar, the project developer and completed the project in July of this year. While landfill projects introduce more complexities in the design and construction of the solar system, they also bring great rewards. Building solar on landfills converts the unproductive area to a carbon-free solar power generation plant. Cuyahoga County gained jobs; lower-cost energy; retail, lease and tax revenues; and a healthier environment for the community.

“Conti Solar is pleased the Cuyahoga County Landfill Solar Project has been honored with this award. This project signifies the will of the county to work through challenges and add low-cost, renewable energy to their portfolio. Congratulations on this major accomplishment. We hope more will follow,” said Eric Millard, Chief Commercial Officer of Conti Solar.

“With a reputation of extensive experience and reliable execution, Conti Solar delivered on this project working with impeccable execution,” commented Mike Foley, Director of Sustainability, Cuyahoga County.

The Cuyahoga Landfill Solar Project is installed with 35,520 solar modules, 1,976 posts, 988 ballast blocks, 26 rows of racks and two central inverters. The project took four months to complete and the power generation is contracted with the county via a 10-year power purchase agreement with an option for another 10 years and the opportunity to purchase the system after six years. Watch the Conti Solar Cuyahoga Project Video at

Conti Solar Constructing the Largest Solar Project in Rhode Island

Conti Solar Constructing the Largest Solar Project in Rhode Island

September 17 2018

Conti Solar, a national solar engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), O&M and energy storage company, announced that it is providing full turnkey EPC services for the largest solar installation to date in Rhode Island. Developed by Southern Sky Renewable Energy, the 21.3 megawatt (MW), Gold Meadow Farms solar project is being constructed in Cranston, Rhode Island. When completed, this solar project will generate clean solar energy for the City of Providence, significantly reduce the capital city’s energy costs and contribute to the state’s Clean Energy Portfolio.

The solar project spans over 100 acres of rugged, rocky terrain. With approximately 53,000 solar panels and 130 string inverters to be installed, the project will employ hundreds of people across the state. In addition, it will drive tens of thousands of dollars in revenue into the communities, through local businesses and taxes. The Gold Meadow Farms solar project is expected to be completed in early 2019.

Lindsay McGovern, Vice President of Southern Sky said, “Conti Solar has collaborated with our team to rapidly resolve any challenges we face. They are resourceful and responsive. This type of reliability is an important trait for an EPC provider.”

Conti Solar is a leading solar EPC in Rhode Island and builds some of the largest and highest profile projects in the state. The Gold Meadow Farms solar project is one of over 45 MW of projects that Conti Solar is currently constructing in the ocean state. The company’s substantial track record and project experience across solar subsegments including agriculture, landfill, community solar, and large-scale projects drive reliability in efficient project completion for solar developers, utilities and independent power producers. Both Southern Sky and Conti Solar are known for their exceptional problem-solving skills and their dedication to delivering high quality solar projects.

“Southern Sky’s regional knowledge and experience is critical to the success of challenging solar installations. We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with a developer who is focused on executing projects the right way, the first time,” said Eric Millard, Chief Commercial Officer of Conti Solar.

To learn more about Conti Solar and the Gold Meadow Farms solar project, visit

Conti Solar Selected to Construct 35 MW Solar Energy Portfolio for  Southern Sky Renewable Energy in Rhode Island

Conti Solar Selected to Construct 35 MW Solar Energy Portfolio for Southern Sky Renewable Energy in Rhode Island

September 04 2018

Conti Solar, a national solar engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), O&M and energy storage company, announced today that it was selected to provide full turnkey EPC services for Southern Sky Renewable Energy’s 35 MW solar project portfolio. Headquartered in Warwick, Rhode Island, Southern Sky is the region’s leading renewable energy developer. The five projects in the portfolio include brownfield, landfill, and greenfield projects and are located in the towns of Warwick, Cranston and Johnston in central Rhode Island. When completed, the projects will generate local, clean solar power, contribute to the state’s Clean Energy Portfolio and reduce energy costs significantly. The communities will also reap environmental benefits from repurposing unusable landfills into productive renewable energy farms.

“When we work with Conti Solar on a project, they work as a value-add partner that seeks to resolve issues and streamline projects’ costs to benefit stakeholders. They excel at completing high performance solar systems and we value the experience and deep technical knowledge they bring to projects,” said Lindsay McGovern, Vice President of Southern Sky.

Solar landfill and brownfield projects require a greater level of expertise to ensure sites are safely managed and work is executed and documented to specifications. Both Southern Sky and Conti Solar are known for their dedication to completing high quality solar projects that meet strict requirements.

“We share Southern Sky’s quality-driven application toward solar project development and installation. We are very proud to work with them on these solar projects that are helping Rhode Island meet their 1,000 megawatts by 2020 clean energy goal,” said Eric Millard, Chief Commercial Officer of Conti Solar.

Conti Solar Is Expanding Their Teams in Multiple States

Conti Solar Is Expanding Their Teams in Multiple States

August 13 2018

Conti Solar, a national solar engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), O&M and energy storage development company, announced the company currently has solar project management, energy storage solar engineering and procurement job opportunities. Job openings are available in California, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, and New York. Applicants can view open positions and apply online here:

Named as one of the Top 100 Best Places to Work by NJ Biz in 2017, Conti Solar’s team of dedicated professionals has been able to successfully develop and install over 500MW of solar projects since the company’s early initiatives in 2008. The company has more than 80 MW of solar projects under construction.

“Conti Solar is a growing company filled with challenging and rewarding opportunities,” said Eric Millard, Chief Commercial Officer at Conti Solar. “Expanding our regional teams enables us to continue to streamline all phases of solar project development, design, construction and operations to drive down project costs.”

Open Positions:

Energy Storage Engineer

Edison, NJ

Field Engineer

Barstow, CA

Edison, NJ

Worcester, MA

Procurement & Contracts Specialist

Edison, NJ

Project Developer

Edison, NJ

Project Engineer

Barstow, CA

Edison, NJ

Minneapolis, MN

Worcester, MA

Project Estimator

Edison, NJ

Project Manager

Barstow, CA

Ithaca, NY

Minneapolis, MN

Worcester, MA

PV Design Engineer

Edison, NJ

Senior PV Design Engineer

Edison, NJ


Barstow, CA

Edison, NJ

Ithaca, NY

Minneapolis, MN

Worcester, MA

Conti Solar provides medical, dental and vision on the first day of employment. Life insurance, 401(k) matching plan, EAP, wellness programs and many other optional programs are offered as well. Conti Solar is an equal opportunity employer.

Conti Solar Ranked Top US Solar EPC

Conti Solar Ranked Top US Solar EPC

August 09 2018

Conti Solar, a national solar engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), O&M and energy storage development company, announced today it has been recognized by Solar Power World as ranking #12 for EPCs in the publication’s Top 500 US Solar Contractors List.

Solar Power World, the leading solar publication covering technology, development and installation, publishes the Top Solar Contractors List annually. The list includes hundreds of US solar photovoltaic (PV) companies that provide the following services: EPC contracting, development, construction/installation, electrical work and/or rooftop-specific installations. Companies can do work in any market segment including utility, commercial, residential, and off-grid; and must be headquartered in the United States.

“The annual Top 500 List is an industry marker of success, and we are pleased to rank among the leaders in the industry,” said Matthew Skidmore, CEO of Conti Solar. “As a national, full service EPC, we plan to continue expanding our team to better serve those customers who are developing projects across the country and seeking top tier engineering and project execution services.”

Conti Solar’s high repeat customer rate (over 40% of their clientele) speaks to the company’s deep industry expertise and financial resources to build large-scale solar nationally. The company has installed over 500 megawatts of solar projects in various utility-scale market segments including community solar, commercial, industrial, landfill solar, and agricultural projects. According to GTM Research, the utility-scale solar market is projected to remain consistent throughout 2018 and will more than double in the next five years.* This solar boom has also created over 200,000 jobs for Americans - a number expected to double in the next three years as U.S. solar capacity triples.

Conti Solar Advances Its National EPC Solar Services

Conti Solar Advances Its National EPC Solar Services

July 09 2018

Conti Solar, a national solar engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), O&M and energy storage development company, announced today it is expanding its regional staff to support its growing operation west of the Mississippi. The company currently has over 84 MW of solar projects in various stages of construction in California, Minnesota, Illinois, and Utah. The solar power generation projects include distributed generation, commercial and industrial, community solar, landfill solar, agricultural and energy storage.

Conti Solar is expanding its regional teams to support the density of its western and midwestern operations. New staff are partnered with tenured team members to ensure their work aligns with Conti’s quality and safety standards.

“As a national EPC with a long established business in construction, we bring an extraordinary depth of knowledge, resources and a tremendous network of connections we have cultivated over a significant period of time. We are one company that can work across states, offering our customers national support for their solar investments,” said Matthew Skidmore, CEO of Conti Solar.

Conti Solar’s clients include some of the largest utilities in the country, global institutional investment groups, major ESCOs and solar developers. As the company continues to expand its operations, this growth phase will ensure there are sufficient expert staff to take on additional multi-state contracts, and maintain Conti’s high levels of customer satisfaction. Approximately 40 percent of Conti Solar’s clientele are repeat customers, a testament to the strength of the company’s full turnkey EPC services. Conti Solar currently has successfully installed over 500 MW of solar projects and has a pipeline 300 MW of solar project portfolios in construction nationally.

Conti Solar Begins Construction of Largest Landfill Solar Project in Ohio

Conti Solar Begins Construction of Largest Landfill Solar Project in Ohio

May 22 2018

Conti Solar, a national solar engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), O&M and energy storage development company, has begun construction on the largest landfill solar project in Ohio. Located in Cuyahoga County, the 4 MW project is owned and operated by IGS Solar, a commercial and residential solar provider and an affiliate company of IGS Energy, one of the largest independent retail energy suppliers in the country. The solar project was developed by Enerlogics and McDonald Hopkins, and when complete, will provide over 5,000,000 kilowatt hours of clean solar electricity to county-owned facilities annually.

Solar projects built on landfills can be particularly complex, but Conti Solar has successfully installed more than 133 MW of landfill solar projects across the country. Their deep experience and knowledge with the processes and risks of landfill projects, along with their competitive buying power and superior execution capabilities establishes Conti Solar as a national leader in the segment.  

The Cuyahoga solar project is the first of its kind in Ohio. Covering 17 acres of previously unproductive land, Conti Solar will manage the construction of the solar array that will sit atop a closed-and-capped landfill and transform an area of waste into a sustainable solar power generation plant. The project will be a cornerstone of Cuyahoga County’s sustainable practices. Via a power purchase agreement (PPA), Cuyahoga County will acquire 100 percent of the project’s energy through Cleveland Public Power. Benefits of this unique project include significantly reduced energy costs for the county, additional tax revenue, and an estimated 100 local jobs.

“It was essential that we partnered with a firm that has a proven track record in developing solar projects on top of sensitive landfill sites,” said Patrick Smith, vice president of IGS Solar. “It’s a unique niche, but Conti Solar’s vast experience, impeccable standards, and understanding of IGS Solar’s vision for the community has made Conti Solar the ideal partner for this project.”

“IGS Solar is helping Cuyahoga County reduce energy costs for the next 20 years. They have been a reliable energy partner supporting the efficient and cost-effective addition of clean renewable energy for the county’s benefit, both environmentally and financially, said Matthew Skidmore, CEO of Conti Solar. “We hope to continue working with IGS Solar on projects like this in Ohio and other Midwestern states.”

The project will be complete during the summer of 2018. To learn more about Conti Solar’s other completed landfill solar projects, visit

Conti Solar is Expanding: Promotes Eric Millard to Chief Commercial Officer

Conti Solar is Expanding: Promotes Eric Millard to Chief Commercial Officer

May 15 2018

Conti Solar, a national solar engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), O&M and energy storage development company, announced today the promotion of Eric Millard to Chief Commercial Officer. Eric will report directly to Matthew Skidmore, Conti Solar’s CEO, and be responsible for continuing to drive organizational growth by developing and maintaining excellent customer relationships and expanding Conti Solar’s business into new markets and geographies.

“Eric‘s advancement within the organization is a testament to his proven track record of developing and executing aggressive growth strategies in very competitive markets,” said Matthew Skidmore, CEO of Conti Solar. “His ability to develop high-performing teams will ensure our vision of building a world-class renewable energy company.”

In his 10-year career with Conti, Eric has worked in a variety of different renewable energy and environmental markets and in both technical and commercial roles. Eric started his career in project operations, where he worked on environmental and water management projects for the Army Corps of Engineers. Pursuing his interest in renewable energy, he then transitioned into Conti’s ventures in the wind, solar, and biomass industries, where he worked in a diverse set of engineering, operations, and business development positions. These roles allowed Eric to hone both his technical and commercial competences while learning the detailed workings of the energy business. In 2014, Eric moved to Conti Solar, where he spearheaded the company’s business development efforts, ultimately bringing in $150 million in business within his first two years. He has subsequently continued to strategically build and lead Conti Solar’s business development team, which has yielded sustained double-digit growth for Conti Solar over the past four years. Eric received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Boston University and an MBA from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Conti Solar Nears Completion of 44.5 MW Solar Project Portfolio in Massachusetts for Eversource Energy

Conti Solar Nears Completion of 44.5 MW Solar Project Portfolio in Massachusetts for Eversource Energy

May 07 2018

Conti Solar, a national solar engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), O&M and energy storage company, announced today it is nearing completion of 15 solar power projects located in Massachusetts. Ranging in size from 1.2 to 7 megawatts, the projects are owned and will be operated by Eversource Energy, New England’s largest energy provider and number-one ranked utility in the nation for energy efficiency*. The solar projects will deliver clean, renewable, solar electricity to Eversource Energy’s regional customers.

Conti Solar was awarded more than 75 percent of Eversource Energy’s Clean Energy Initiative in the first block through a highly competitive request for proposals process. The initiative is part of Eversource’s multifaceted Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) program, a visionary company directive designed to guide the utility’s development in alignment for top financial performance, customer reliability and operational excellence.

“Eversource Energy has well-developed and thorough approval processes to ensure our selection of EPC partners meet our high standards on multiple levels, including technical capabilities, solar experience, track record, safety, customer service and competitive pricing. Conti Solar earned this project portfolio and we have been impressed with their level of commitment and how responsive they have been in working with us,” said Mark Kimball, Eversource Project Director – Solar.

“Eversource Energy’s vision is to be the best energy company in the nation and Conti Solar is pleased to support them in this consequential endeavor. Conti Solar has installed over 500 MW of utility-scale solar across the country and will continue to focus on first-class execution and outstanding customer service on the work we do,” said Matthew Skidmore, CEO of Conti Solar.



Ares EIF to Acquire Majority Stake in Conti Solar

Ares EIF to Acquire Majority Stake in Conti Solar

April 17 2018

Conti Solar, an industry-leading renewable energy development, engineering, procurement, and construction company, announced today that it has received a strategic investment from a fund managed by Ares EIF, the power and energy infrastructure strategy in the Private Equity Group at Ares Management, L.P. (NYSE: ARES). Expected to close at the end of April, the investment will give Ares EIF a majority ownership stake in Conti Solar with a minority position retained by The Conti Group. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. The company will continue to operate as Conti Solar, maintain its current offices, and be managed by its current executive team. The Conti Group will continue to be involved in the oversight and strategic direction of the company.

Conti Solar, previously a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Conti Group, has been active in the development, engineering, procurement, construction, and operations of solar and energy storage projects totaling more than 500 MW throughout the United States and in select international markets for more than a decade.

"The investment from Ares EIF will make Conti Solar a more dynamic company and will enable us to accelerate our growth and pursue additional strategic initiatives," said Matthew Skidmore, CEO of Conti Solar. "Together, we will drive more value to our customers and partners across the industry."

Ares EIF is an experienced investor in the U.S. power and energy infrastructure sector and has invested in nearly 130 different power and energy infrastructure assets with a combined underlying enterprise value exceeding $20 billion.

"Our investment in Conti Solar is a great strategic fit for Ares EIF, but, above all, it is an investment in Conti Solar's management and the strong team and culture they have built over the years," said Keith Derman, Partner with Ares EIF. "We will work collaboratively with Matt and his team to continue to build upon the successes they have already achieved."

"We are extremely excited to partner with Ares EIF as there is a strong cultural fit between our organizations in addition to complementary skill sets and a shared strategic vision," said Kurt Conti, Chairman of The Conti Group. "This investment continues to advance our longstanding vision of building a world-class renewable energy company."

Conti Solar Sponsors Rutgers University School of Engineering Solar Car Team

Conti Solar Sponsors Rutgers University School of Engineering Solar Car Team

April 17 2018

Conti Solar, a leading national EPC, O&M, and energy storage development company, is proud to announce its sponsorship of Rutgers University's Solar Car Team. Established in 2011, the Rutgers Solar Car Team is working to design and build a fully functional, street legal, solar powered car.

"Sponsoring the Rutgers Solar Car Team is a natural fit for Conti," said Eric Millard, Vice President of Business Development, Conti Solar. "Our company's greatest strength is our people - their work ethic, ingenuity, and desire to succeed - and we want to encourage those traits in the next generation of solar engineers. What better way to start than in our own backyard?" 

Like Rutgers University, Conti Solar is a New Jersey-based organization with strong ties to the region. As part of The Conti Group, Conti Solar has more than a century of experience providing value for its clients, its staff and its community. The company continually invests in its employees to ensure they can grow and adapt to an ever-changing industry and is excited to extend that investment to encourage local engagement in the solar industry.

The Rutgers Solar Car Team's ultimate objective extends beyond building a functioning battery-electric vehicle (BEV). Once developed, the team will race its car in the American Solar Challenge. The annual event hosts teams in a race of strategy, endurance, and cutting-edge engineering: participants design and build a BEV powered entirely by solar cells embedded on the vehicle, and the cars must travel more than 1,700 miles over nine days in a multistage race. With Conti Solar's financial commitment, the team is one step closer toward meeting its goal.

More information about the Rutgers Solar Car Team can be found at

Conti Propels Amesbury’s Solar Surge

Conti Propels Amesbury’s Solar Surge

November 10 2017

With the construction of a new 4.5 MW solar array, Amesbury will soon be one of the biggest solar powered cities in Massachusetts.

Back in 2012, a closed landfill at the corner of South Martin and South Hunt Roads was bought by the city. The plan was to designate the areas for soccer fields. Unfortunately, the plan never came to fruition. Years later, the city entered into an agreement in 2015 to build a solar array at this location. However, the company declared bankruptcy in 2016, placing the project on hold.

Later in 2016, the city of Amesbury restarted the process. They put out requests for proposals, and in October, selected a company to develop the project. Conti Solar was chosen by the developer to perform the construction.

For Conti Solar, Amesbury is becoming familiar ground. Back in December of 2016, Conti performed the engineering, procurement, and construction of a 5.9MW landfill array at Hunt Road.

“Conti is excited to build more solar in the town of Amesbury,” said Kevin Magayah, Manager of Business Development. “We are proud to be helping to deliver additional clean energy and economic development to this community.”

With this second project, Amesbury will soon be producing approximately 10.5 MW of solar energy, making it one of the largest solar producers in the state of Massachusetts.

Conti Solar CEO Matthew Skidmore Earns Prestigious “40 Under 40” Award

Conti Solar CEO Matthew Skidmore Earns Prestigious “40 Under 40” Award

October 31 2017

Conti Solar wrapped a year of achievement in a fitting way: with CEO Matthew Skidmore earning distinction for his outstanding leadership.

The NJBIZ “Forty Under 40” awards program celebrates the state’s most accomplished young businessmen and women who have been making headlines in their field and who share a commitment to business growth, professional excellence, and contributions to the community. Matthew was selected as one of five that was honored in the technology industry.

As a veteran of both Conti and the solar industry, Matthew has led the company’s solar efforts since 2010. During his tenure Conti Solar has accelerated significantly, and is an industry leader today. The company has amassed a solar engineering, procurement, and construction resume of over 1.5 GW of projects around the US, and has built a robust solar development program.

The award caps off an impressive year for Conti Solar. In addition to opening up a new regional office in Worcester, expanding its footprint with several EPC projects in the Southeast and West Coast, and completing its first energy storage project, four Conti Solar projects won Engineering-News-Record awards for excellence.

“Matthew is well-deserving of this honor,” said Kurt Conti, Chairman of The Conti Group. “His vision, persistence, and work ethic have been integral in Conti Solar’s success in the solar renewable energy industry.”

Congratulations to Matthew on this award, and best of luck for an even stronger 2018!

Conti Solar Helps Superfund Site Become a Super Energy Solution

Conti Solar Helps Superfund Site Become a Super Energy Solution

September 27 2017

Conti Solar played an integral role in turning a historic Superfund site into another renewable energy success story.

The Elizabeth Mine Site, one of the largest intact historic mining sites in New England, operated for over 100 years producing over 50,000 tons of copper. After the mine closed in 1957, associated mine waste remained, and its acidity and metals posed a threat to the area’s water and eco systems. In 2001, The EPA placed Elizabeth Mine on the National Priorities list, designating the area as a “Superfund” site requiring remediation.

In 2010, engineering firms began the massive site clean-up effort. Shortly thereafter, in 2011, Wolf Energy and Brightfields Development approached the EPA about the potential of installing a distributed generation solar farm on the site. In 2015, Greenwood Energy came on board to provide additional assistance.

Based on successful partnership in past projects, Greenwood hired Conti Solar to manage the final design and construction work. The installation posed technical challenges requiring expertise and sound execution, as the solar arrays needed to be constructed on top of the environmental cap. To ensure safe and successful transportation of materials, Conti graded and graveled stretches of road to ensure that the trucks with Solar Flex Rack’s pre-cast ballast system could reach the site.

“Completing this 7MW ballasted solar power plant took an enormous amount of logistics coordination,” said Sean Harrington, Conti Solar’s Regional Manager. “Managing the delivery of over 500 trailer truck deliveries into the site through the winding roads in the Vermont country side was a big task. The Conti construction management team worked closely with the town, state and federal governments to be able to manage all of the challenges presented and deliver this historic project in under 20 weeks.”

On August 20th, Conti completed construction on the project. Expected to commence commercial operation in October of 2017, the Elizabeth Mine Project will generate enough electricity to power over 1,200 homes.

Conti Solar and Eversource Help Spur Springfield’s Urban Renewal

Conti Solar and Eversource Help Spur Springfield’s Urban Renewal

September 15 2017

In 2012, a gas explosion at a downtown site in Springfield, Massachusetts damaged many surrounding buildings, causing evacuations and street closures in the city’s downtown entertainment district. Five years later, Conti Solar and Eversource are helping the neighborhood take another step forward.

Contracted by Eversource, Conti Solar has just broken ground with the installment of a 5.6 megawatt solar farm at the Smith & Wesson Industrial park off Roosevelt Avenue. With the new facility, the city will be able not only to generate power for 2,000 families as part of Eversource’s other solar installments in the area, but also generate money to continue rehabilitation of the “blast zone.”

The solar farm is being built on the last lot available for development at the industrial park. As a result, there will be a need for future development sites in Springfield, with the Worthington Street neighborhood – part of the blast zone – being a prime candidate for development.

“I think we need to think about urban renewal there,” said Kevin Kennedy, Springfield’s chief development officer.

The Smith & Wesson Industrial Project is part of Eversource’s rapid solar expansion. The company plans to add 62 megawatts of solar asset management to its existing portfolio of 8 megawatts. The Smith & Wesson project is Eversource’s largest solar project to date.

“Our team prides itself on creating value for our customers and stakeholders, and we are excited to provide our services for Eversource on this important project that will benefit the people of Springfield,” said Matthew Skidmore, CEO of Conti Solar.

Conti Solar estimates the project will be complete in December 2017, providing Eversource the ability to bring the station online in 2018.

Conti Solar Continues National Expansion with Four ENR Best Project Awards

Conti Solar Continues National Expansion with Four ENR Best Project Awards

August 21 2017

Engineering News Record recently announced the 2016 Best Project Awards, and Conti Solar received four Best Project awards this year for its exceptional solar EPC work nationwide.

These four Conti Solar projects stand out among their competition in the Energy/ Industrial category, each performed in a different ENR region:

      ENR NY/NJ – Dix Solar, LLC, Fort Dix Solar, New Jersey
      ENR California – Hancock Renewable Energy, Triangle T Farms Solar, California
      ENR Mid-Atlantic – Constellation New Energy, Smithsonian Solar, Virginia
      ENR New England – Blue Wave Capital, Barrett Street Solar, Massachusetts

ENR regional judges award “Best Projects” by analyzing the various technical elements of each project submitted including purpose and function, complexities, quality, craftsmanship, and aesthetics. The judges scrutinize the project teams’ abilities to work together to overcome key project challenges and work safely, and evaluate each project’s contributions to the industry and the community in which they were performed.

The ENR judges recognized Conti Solar’s projects, in particular, for their optimal engineering and efficient construction of several unique solar PV arrays of various sizes across multiple locations, each in diverse geographies. Conti’s engineering and construction teams executed these projects on time and on budget, successfully mitigating major risks including difficult subsurface conditions, steep slopes, remote geographies, existing timberlands, contaminated sites, and endangered species. These projects provide modern and progressive benefits to society, including low cost and clean energy, local economic stimulus, and beneficial reuse of unusable land. Each project was executed efficiently and safely by Conti’s project teams.

Since 2014, Conti Solar has won seven ENR Best Project awards for its engineering, procurement, and construction work on solar photovoltaic projects. These awards are significant for Conti as they exemplify the firm’s values and unique approach to performing high-quality, safe work for its clients with an emphasis on teamwork and its trademark “Done Once, Done Right” mentality. They also strengthen Conti Solar’s position as a leading member of the solar industry. “We’re very proud and excited about receiving these ENR awards,” said Matthew Skidmore, CEO of Conti Solar. “We’re happy to be recognized for the good work that we do, and we’d like to thank our customers for continuing to recognize the value that Conti brings as a leading solar EPC firm.” The project teams are looking forward to accepting these awards at the awards reception banquets in the coming months.

Conti Solar’s Willow Hill Outperforms Output Projections

Conti Solar’s Willow Hill Outperforms Output Projections

August 07 2017

In Mid-April, Greenwood Energy Solar Holdings activated its landfill array. After three months, the facility is exceeding expectations.

“We are at or above where we are supposed to be with our output,” Campbell told the Lee Planning Board last week.

The complex project included two separate interconnections in Lee and Lenox, Massachusetts, and a portion of the project was on a landfill. The 20-acre site on Willow Hill Road in Lee is a former sludge disposal landfill the paper manufacturer had capped more than two decades ago. Conti worked with Greenwood Energy to manage different aspects of the project including landfill permitting, construction, grid interconnection, utility coordination and state, county and township approval.

The topography of the project posed significant challenges along the south and west buffer zones. Construction activities included placing erosion and sediment barriers around the entire work zone, clearing approximately eight acres of trees and major site grading to ensure a level base.

Conti installed over 8,000 photovoltaic modules on a mix of RBI Solar’s post-driven and ballasted racking systems using Solectria PVI 28 TL inverters. Once construction was complete, Conti tied the PV system into the existing Eversource distribution system. Willow Hill sells power to the towns of Lee and Lenox, as well as a small piece to a low-income housing authority through a net metering purchase agreement.

Despite significant challenges with the site work and topography of the project, Conti completed the project as scheduled.

“Our team prides itself on delivering top quality projects for each customer, and nothing makes us happier than seeing the ultimate result: communities that benefit from our work,” said Matthew Skidmore, CEO of Conti Solar.

Conti Solar Opens Massachusetts Office

Conti Solar Opens Massachusetts Office

July 24 2017

Conti Solar is pleased to announce the opening of their new office in Worcester, MA. This industry-leading solar energy firm has expanded their reach to satisfy the needs of even more customers. Through development, EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction), and operations, Conti Solar provides full-scale services and good, clean energy to clients worldwide, from start to finish. 

Founded over a century ago, Conti plans, engineers, constructs, and operates renewable energy projects around the globe, and their annual growth has been explosive. At present, they have offices in New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, California, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana and Texas. 

“Conti has been constructing solar projects in Massachusetts for over five years. To continue to serve a growing customer base, it was imperative we opened an office location to support the demand,” said Chris Ichter, Business Development Manager. 

Conti’s new Worcester office was established to address the great demand for their professional services in the Northeast. Due to Conti’s ability to collaborate effectively with utility partners in Massachusetts, with over 100MW of experience in the state, they have been very successful. 

“With projects spread across the entire state, Worcester offers a centralized hub for our 30 employees based in the New England region,” says Mr. Ichter. 

Innovation and problem solving are at the root of every venture that Conti Solar designs and executes for public and private companies. This integrated firm boasts a strong work ethic, with a highly qualified team, superior client responsiveness, and top safety performance. Representing the gold standard for excellence in the industry, they have earned many prestigious awards, such as Top Solar EPC Firm (by Solar Power World 2016), Best Project Award of Merit, Energy, Rehoboth Landfill Solar (ENR 2016), and Best Project Award Energy/Industrial, Fort Dix (ENR 2017). 

Conti Continues to Provide System Design Optimization Services to Solar Developers

Conti Continues to Provide System Design Optimization Services to Solar Developers

July 06 2017

Conti Solar, a leading worldwide renewable energy firm, has successfully completed over 229 MWs of commercial and utility-scale solar projects throughout the United States and in select international markets, forging a reputation as the go-to source for optimized solar PV system design and installation. With a highly experienced Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) services team, the firm is able to identify the most effective strategy for the implementation of each project or portfolio of projects and consistently designs and builds large-scale solar projects with minimal cost, minimal time, and a high return for its project owners.

Today, the life cycle of solar projects from early-stage development to commercial operation can span years. These project schedules are often driven by lengthy application and approval timelines for site permitting and utility interconnection, which forces developers to make important engineering and procurement decisions early in the development process. These early decisions, such as array layout, system sizing, and most importantly, equipment selection, are critical to developing the most efficient system, as it is often time-consuming, costly, or at times, impossible to change course later in the development process.

The in-house engineering team at Conti Solar provides tailored support to its solar developer customers during the various stages of development, helping them make the most informed decisions for the project by weighing engineering, commercial, and constructability factors along with technology projections for when the project will be constructed. By providing this support, Conti helps its customers streamline project development and avoid costly and time-consuming rework late in the development process. Conti also has significant experience working with developers, utilities, and permitting agencies on late-stage projects to modify and optimize existing project designs that need updating.

As an example, Conti Solar recently performed an optimization analysis for one of its developers that added significant value to the project. Conti partnered with the developer to determine the best array design and equipment selection for a project in mid-stage development. Conti’s engineering team evaluated several scenarios for the project using different combinations of racking tilt, panel selection, and inter-row spacing. For each scenario, Conti analyzed the system size, system cost, and annual production/yield, and ran a detailed financial pro-forma for each scenario. The developer chose the best scenario and was able to increase the project value by close to $0.05/watt compared to its original assumptions.

“We’ve designed, built, and constructed over 229 MWs of solar projects nationally and internationally and take the time to engineer and evaluate a project to present the most efficient design that yields the highest investment return for its customers,” says Kevin Magayah, Business Development Manager.

In addition to the above, Conti Solar’s EPC services include an in-house analysis and evaluation of site specific items such as:

  • Site layout to maximize available space
  • Array characteristics including tilt angle, DC density, AC system size, and panel type
  • 3-D modeling for sites with topography concerns
  • Optimization analysis weighing system cost vs system production
  • Accurate energy modeling using PVsyst® software
  • Up-to-date inverter and balance of system components performance data
  • Competitive pricing on all major equipment
  • Component warranty and cost of warranty evaluation
  • Locations and types of access roads
  • Perimeter fence location and types
  • Equipment pad design
  • Environmental cleanup and monitoring
  • Site clearing vs. trimming
  • Final restoration, seeding, and landscape evaluation

Conti can design an optimized solar system that generates the most value for solar developers and project owners.

Joe Kennedy Commissions Conti’s Massachusetts Solar Project

Joe Kennedy Commissions Conti’s Massachusetts Solar Project

May 19 2017

On May 11, 2017 Conti Solar participated in the commissioning ceremony of a successful renewable energy project in Falmouth, Massachusetts for Citizen’s Energy Corporation. Conti provided engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services for this 4-megawatt installation.

At the ceremony, Citizens Energy Chairman Joseph P. Kennedy II was joined by Falmouth business leaders and elected officials in pulling an electric switch to mark the flow of clean, green electric power from a utility-scale solar array built by the company atop an unused landfill. Appearing with Kennedy were Falmouth Board of Selectmen Chairman Doug Jones and Falmouth EDIC Chairman Michael Galasso.

The former Member of Congress praised the town of Falmouth for its commitment to renewable energy, noting the project’s contribution to combating climate change. “It just means so much to all the members of the Kennedy family that we are able to find a way to give something back to this beautiful Cape,” said Kennedy. “If you look out here behind us and see this wonderful field of what used to be just trash and dirt, but is now making energy for the people of this community.”

The array occupies 16 acres of an inactive landfill, putting the property back to work for the benefit of local residents and businesses. Over the project’s 20-year lifetime, it will return $14 million in economic benefits to the town through energy savings, lease payments, and a payment in lieu of taxes agreement—as well as supporting Citizens Energy’s charitable mission.

The renewable energy produced by the array will yield health and environmental benefits as well, annually displacing 4,000 tons of carbon from fossil fuel plants, the same footprint of 500 homes or 450 cars.

“It’s been a pleasure working with Citizens Energy to bring clean, renewable solar energy to Falmouth,” said Chairman Galasso of the Economic Development & Industrial Corporation. “Not only is it lowering the town’s cost of energy, it’s also reducing our carbon footprint.”

Solar Landfill Redevelopment Success

Solar Landfill Redevelopment Success

May 30 2017

Conti Solar, an industry-leading solar energy, procurement, and construction firm, has announced the success of their recent endeavors in converting existing closed landfills into efficient solar energy generation facilities, capable of providing significant value for their project investors and for the community. To date, Conti Solar has completed 85 megawatts of landfill solar redevelopment projects across the United States.

Conti Solar has developed, engineered, procured, and constructed (EPC) over 15 landfills nationally. These projects convert landfills from an underutilized liability into value-added asset, producing low cost and renewable energy while generating economic and environmental benefits to the surrounding communities.

“With over 85 MWs of landfills under our belt in our 223 MW resume, Conti has established processes to successfully take a landfill project from permitting to COD in an efficient, safe and timely manner,” said Kevin Magayah, Business Development Manager. “We believe that Conti adds real and tangible value to our customers by providing a quality, in-house development and engineering experience along with our landfill construction and remediation experience.”

A customer-oriented company, Conti Solar carefully considers a customer’s risk profile and the long-term maintenance requirements of a landfill system during the design and construction phases in order to avoid damages to the existing landfill components, delays in the schedule, or increases in project costs.

4.2 MW Solar Foundations Completed in 30 Days!

4.2 MW Solar Foundations Completed in 30 Days!

April 25 2017

Conti, a leading solar energy installation company, has achieved a milestone in rapid solar foundation installation to successfully complete a 4.23 MW solar carport project.

The goal of the solar project, which was installed at a large facility for a major vehicle auction corporation in Framingham, Massachusetts, was to save on electricity costs and reduce reliance on the grid. The auction company can now expect to generate approximately 88 percent of their power from solar for this facility.

The foundation work was completed in just 30 days, 50 percent faster than is typical in industry. Taking one canopy at a time, foundations were drilled, rebar and anchor bolts installed and the foundation poured. Then the site was restored and given back to the owner before engineers moved on to the next canopy.

“Being able to deliver a superior end result, that is done safely and efficiently, has and will continue to be Conti’s number one priority,” said Sean Harrington, Regional Manager for Conti’s Massachusetts Operations. “This project cements Conti’s reputation as the go-to installer for solar carport projects across the United States, having installed over 30 MW of carports within the last 5 years,” Harrington continued.

Conti finished the project on time and on budget, with minimal disruption to the business’s daily operations, a testament to the company’s expertise and professionalism in the solar energy installation market.

Conti Solar Expands Service Territory

Conti Solar Expands Service Territory

March 23 2017

Conti Solar, an industry-leading solar energy construction and installation firm, has expanded its national service territory to include the Southeast and West Coast of the United States. With extensive engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) experience in Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Maryland, Conti Solar is now expanding the reach of its services into Ohio, Minnesota, Utah, Georgia, Texas, Virginia, California and Vermont to meet customer demand.

Demand for solar power technology is increasing at an unprecedented rate as more and more consumers seek to generate electricity from sunlight. Solar customers and local communities regularly benefit from the low cost and clean energy that properly developed and built solar projects generate. Conti is at the forefront of delivering this low cost and clean power to customers and local communities.

“Conti continues to expand our geographical presence in response to our customers’ growing needs,” said Chris Ichter, Business Development Manager. “Our strong partnerships with local and regional utilities, developers and financiers have helped drive the explosive growth we have experienced over the last 10 years.” Conti leverages this local knowledge and “boots-on-the-ground” resources in various regions throughout the country.

Conti has experienced significant double-digit growth over the past three years. Their expansion into new geographies is supported by its parent company, the Conti Group, which is invested in energy, infrastructure and biotechnology projects throughout the United States as well as internationally.

Conti Builds Large Community Solar Project

Conti Builds Large Community Solar Project

January 27 2017

Conti Solar joined with BlueWave Capital, LLC, a leader in solar energy investment and development, as engineering, procurement and construction contractor on the company’s largest community solar project in Oxford, MA.

The 16.5 megawatt Barrett Street project will provide clean energy and cost savings to local homes and businesses in the area. The Fay School and Phillips Academy Andover have contracted for more than 50 percent of Barrett Street’s total output to move toward their sustainability goals while lowering electricity costs.

Once the largest commercial pig farm in the Northeast, according the, a local newspaper, the group of nine solar arrays will also protect 100 acres of farmland from more intensive use, enable future agricultural use, reduce carbon emissions by 15,000 tons annually, generate local tax revenue for the town of Oxford and create and support the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ clean energy and climate goals.

“We are thrilled to have been involved in the construction of a project that demonstrates the many positive impacts a solar installation can have,” said Matthew Skidmore, CEO of Conti Solar. “Not only is the system offsetting a significant portion of local resident and small business electricity but the construction process provided jobs for more than one hundred local laborers, operators and electricians.”

Solar Gains for Military Energy Project

Solar Gains for Military Energy Project

January 13 2017

Conti broke ground on the largest solar energy project on a military base in the Northeast today. The 16.5 MW array at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst (JB MDL) is part of the Air Force’s Enhanced Use Lease Program which allows private developers to use available land for mutually beneficial energy development.

Conti will install over 50,000 solar panels on the Dix Sanitary Landfill, a 98-acre former Superfund site, which will produce over 21,000 MW hours of energy. Enough to power 2,500 homes and reduce CO2 emission by 15,000 metric tons, the project will have the equivalent impact of taking 3,000 cars off the road every year.

Slated for completion in mid-2017, Conti coordinated with the New Jersey Pinelands Commission, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and the Joint Base MDL Environmental Restoration Program to realize this innovative land reuse program to further solidify New Jersey’s role as a leader in solar energy.

“This project demonstrates the innovative pathways our Airmen and civilians are taking to strengthen mission assurance through energy assurance. The revenue generated by this solar project, built on a closed landfill, will provide critical funds dedicated to JB MDL’s energy assurance plan. I applaud the installation’s leaders and support staff for their creativity and persistence to bring this project to fruition,” said Miranda A.A. Ballentine, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force Installations, Environment and Energy, who cut the ribbon at the ceremony.

Canadian Solar Provides Conti with 11 MW of Modules

Canadian Solar Provides Conti with 11 MW of Modules

July 01 2014

Conti’s solar energy team announced it has partnered with Canadian Solar, one of the largest solar power companies in the world, to procure 11 MW of solar modules during mid-2014.

Conti has installed over 70 MW of solar projects throughout the United States and is a leading provider of engineering, procurement and construction services in the renewable energy and other industrial markets internationally. Matthew Skidmore, Vice President at Conti, commented, “We partner with sophisticated solar developers, solar asset owners and electrical utilities to design and build large scale projects and are very excited to work with Canadian Solar on this opportunity.”

“Conti is an industry leader in the photovoltaic market and solar energy advocacy. We are proud that our market position in the United States has allowed the availability and product reliability required to power the large-scale projects organizations like Conti undertake. I am looking forward to future collaboration as we continue to expand our presence in the US,” said Dr. Shawn Qu, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Canadian Solar, Inc.

Solar Power World Names Conti Among Top 500 Solar Firms

Solar Power World Names Conti Among Top 500 Solar Firms

July 26 2016

Solar Power World’s fifth annual ranking of solar contractors has named Conti Solar on four lists: #4 Solar Contractors in New Jersey, #24 Engineering, Procurement and Construction in North America, #25 Utility-Scale in North America and #49 Overall in North America.

The Top Solar Contractors list is the most recognized annual listing of North America’s top solar contractors working in the utility, commercial and residential markets. Rankings are based on the amount of solar photovoltaic systems installed and Conti Solar’s numbers sat at a total of 145 MW at the time of judging in early 2016. Since then, the firm has installed over 150 MW and is on track to pass 200 MW by the end of 2016.

In a statement accompanying the release of the list, Kathie Zipp, Managing Editor of Solar Power World said, “The companies on this year’s list exude solar-business brilliance, and they deserve to be recognized not only for being great companies but also for how their work positively impacts the environment.”

Upon release of the list, Conti Solar VP of Operations, Matt Skidmore expressed the company’s appreciation. “We are thankful for Solar Power World’s recognition of our efforts to improve solar energy production in the US, and we look forward to seeing how our work in 2016 affects our rankings next year.”

Conti Solar Steers Beaver Run Project to Strong Completion

Conti Solar Steers Beaver Run Project to Strong Completion

April 01 2016

Conti has completed construction on the much-anticipated $17.5 million 9.9 MW ground-mounted Beaver Run solar photovoltaic (PV) array in Lafayette, New Jersey.

After taking over the project from a previous contractor in 2015, Conti, along with energy development partner 1906 Group, developed the new solar farm under an engineering, procurement and construction contract on a 36-acre property in record time, achieving mechanical completion in less than two months.

The team was also able to finance the project in just 60 days. 1906 Group proposed an arrangement to finance the solar farm as a merchant facility, relying on short term Solar Renewable Energy Certificate (SREC) contracts and on the project’s ability to sell power into the Pennsylvania, Jersey, Maryland wholesale power market. The deal capitalized on the solar market swing, maximizing the near term value of the solar attributes while keeping SREC upside value.

“Although fairly rare in the market, merchant solar facilities can be financed and built. Beaver Run shows that a creative approach and dedicated partners can make good projects happen,” said Gennaro D’Agostino, CEO of 1906 Advisors. “We see this as an evolution of the solar industry, maximizing value for all project stakeholders, rather than leaving these good projects left unfinished.”

Now completed, the Beaver Run solar PV array is interconnected to the Jersey Central Power & Light Company distribution system, which transmits electricity to 1.1 million homes and businesses in 13 counties in central and northern New Jersey. 1906 Group will be responsible for operating and maintaining the Beaver Run renewable energy system.

Conti Helps Achieve Military Base Solar Goals

Conti Helps Achieve Military Base Solar Goals

August 05 2015

The United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Europe Division has contracted Conti to design and build a new 5 megawatt solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant at an airbase in Israel.

Conti has been awarded more than 120 solar projects since 2008. “We are looking forward to expanding our solar work with the USACE,” says Conti VP Matthew Skidmore, “to provide state-of-the-art renewable energy technologies in the US and abroad.”

Dubbed the Israel 9485 Solar PV Power Plant, the project’s ground-mounted solar system will be built in modules of 1 megawatt peak aggregated power per block. Each of the modules will cover an area of 4,400 square meters, leaving the potential for an array of up to 42,000 square meters in size. The plant will also include a weather station tied into the solar system’s communication infrastructure and equipped with sensors to measure and monitor irradiance, temperature and wind speed.

Conti expects to complete construction by mid-2016 and to provide plant maintenance for two years after start-up and commissioning of the system.

Conti Named Among Top Solar Contractors in US

Conti Named Among Top Solar Contractors in US

July 31 2015

Solar Power World has announced the 2015 edition of its annual ranking of solar contractors in the United States, placing Conti at #38 of 500 on that list.

Rankings are based on the number of megawatts a company installed in 2014. In the time between Solar Power World’s 2014 list and today, Conti has completed ten solar projects, including ground mounts to convert the Kinsley Landfill in New Jersey (PSE&G’s largest brownstone array to date) and the Shaffer Landfill in Massachusetts (ENR’s 2015 Best Energy/Industrial Project in New England) into clean energy providers for their communities. The firm has been involved in over 30 new arrays since 2008, including carports, rooftop installations and ground mounts, totaling over 125 MW installed.

In response to the quick growth of solar industry demand, Solar Power World has expanded its list to 500 contractors this year from 40 in 2014. With six solar installations currently under construction in the US and one in Israel, Conti continues to earn its spot on that list.

Landfill Solar Systems Commissioned for PSE&G Program

Landfill Solar Systems Commissioned for PSE&G Program

April 10 2015

Conti Solar has closed out 2014 by commissioning two solar landfill projects for PSE&G under its Solar 4 All program. The new installations are an 11.2 MW array in Deptford, NJ and a 10.1 MW array in Bordentown, NJ.

As part of the Solar 4 All program, the new landfill solar installations will provide New Jersey with clean, carbon-free renewable energy, and the power generated by these projects will be used by PSE&G electric customers.

The projects have added to Conti’s significant landfill solar portfolio, which includes 35 MW of landfill solar projects over the past four years. Conti seeks to outfit more landfills around the nation with solar installations in 2015 by continuing to work with multinational renewable energy firms such as PSE&G and Constellation Energy.